Team FirstChoice


Make a difference. Here is a concrete way to save lives and partner with the educational and life-affirming mission of FirstChoice Clinc.


What is Team FirstChoice?
Team FirstChoice is an opportunity for you to partner with and join the FirstChoice mission. It begins with your word and ends when you decide. By joining Team FirstChoice, our partners commit to a scheduled level of yearly giving. You may already be giving to FirstChoice on a regular basis.  Team FirstChoice gives both of us the opportunity to know of our partnership.  

Why Team FirstChoice?

As a non-profit, FirstChoice Clinic depends entirely on donations. All of our services are free. Because of the up and down nature of donated dollars, we are hampered in our planning and outreach. Sometimes we must scramble to cover immediate needs or make serious reallocations.


What is the Difference if I Already Give?

Every organization needs to be able to plan and plans depend on resources. Going forward, this program will...

                      • Allow FirstChoice Clinic to better time and predict our resources and future income streams.
                      • It will help us to grow. Together, we will build a partnership brand that will attract others.
                      • It will help FirstChoice Clinic plan programs, extend its outreach, and make prudent decisions.
                      • Your current level and mode of giving can stay the same.  Like to support the yearly banquet? Or maybe support LifeWalk, or Giving Hearts Day? Continue as you have been.  

What if I Want to Stop MY Partnership with FirstChoice for Any Reason?

No problem. Team FirstChoice is a non-binding agreement between friends. Your participation on the team always rests on your decision. Everything about us depends on our donors.


Okay, How Do I find out more?

Call 701-237-5902.   We are asking partners to commit to a specific minimum level of yearly giving of $250, $500, or $1000.